We can no longer offer refunds for Google Voice or Survey Junkie rentals regardless of if you received a code or not.

We are excited to announce that we are in the process of merging Textverified and Phoneblur into one site. Phase two just went live! Read more here: https://www.textverified.com/blog/?p=808

We have made some new updates to the website - please contact us if you notice any bugs or issues. Read more here: https://www.textverified.com/blog/?p=627 and here: https://www.textverified.com/blog/?p=730

We will automatically redirect you in seconds to textverified.com for logging in ...

If you prefer to be redirected immediately, click here to go now.

Textverified and Phoneblur login have been combined. You will need to login through Textverified to access Phoneblur.

See our announcement: https://www.textverified.com/blog/?p=808 for more details.